Why Us


Leadership Team

  • LT has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in logistics process.
  • Exhibit tremendous dedication, right attitude and utmost commitment for every given shipment from our clients.
  • Acknowledge that human is the greatest capital a company can have, by creating measures for staff retention.

Execution & Operation Team

  • Experience team to execute and operate the logistical process with majority of the staffs over 5 years in the company.
  • Team are well trained with core values of the company.


  • Custom-made process monitoring and milestone checkpoint software for every shipment.
  • From cargo departure from port of loading cargo clearance at port of discharge transport delivery to client; each process step is recorded, updated and tracked online.
  • Every transport truck is fitted with 24/7 GPS tracking system to ensure client’s cargo safety.
  • Online tracking for all clients for their individual shipment.


  • In-house customs brokerage, in-house container haulage, in-house truck transport and labour for loading and unloading.
  • As our group has a complete in-house resources, it ensures a high level of service commitment.


  • Some of the biggest importer, wholesaler, and groceries marketer has put faith in us to deliver their cargo daily. WHY NOT YOU?